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Hello Everybody!

This user had been actively editing on Wikipedia since 2005, anonymously at first using IP addresses and then as Theonlynitin, a name used only on Wiki, since 17th July 2008. He still continues to edit using his IP address sometimes. When he began he found Bangalore well represented on Wikipedia but Kodagu was hardly represented. Even now several regions remain obscure, and articles on them are waiting to be written. You can chat with the user on his Talk page.


Some Articles created by this user[edit]

(excluding redirects, disambiguation pages, and contributions to other wikis)

  1. A B Devayya, Squadron Leader, Maha Vir Chakra (posthumous)
  2. Ainmanes, ancestral houses
  3. Appayya Swamigalu, a monk
  4. Arundhati Devi, Indian actress
  5. A. T. Raghu, Indian filmmaker
  6. Air Marshal K C Cariappa
  7. B D Ganapathy, Indian writer
  8. Bansi Ponnappa, UN Peacekeeper
  9. Bhakta Prahlada (1958 film)
  10. Bhookailasa (1958 Kannada film)
  11. Boverianda Nanjamma and Chinnappa, Indian writers
  12. C B Ponnappa, Indian army officer
  13. C. C. Machaiah, an Indian boxer
  14. C Devaiah Subia, Air Marshal, a WW II veteran
  15. C. G. Somiah, former CAG of India
  16. C. M. Poonacha, former Indian Politician
  17. Clarence High School (Bangalore, India), a school in Bangalore
  18. Dilip Dhawan, an Indian actor
  19. FirePro Systems, an Indian company
  20. Gundugutti Manjunathayya, former Indian Politician
  21. K B Ganapathy, Indian entrepreneur and writer
  22. K. Shankar, Indian filmmaker
  23. Ketoli Chengappa
  24. Kodava people, an Indian people
  25. Kodagina Gowramma, Kannada feminist writer
  26. Lt. Gen. Iyappa, chief of Signals Corps and BEL
  27. M A Ganapathy (Vir Chakra)
  28. M. G. Gupta, Indian Poet
  29. Major M C Muthanna, (Shaurya Chakra, posthumous)
  30. Murlikant Petkar, Paralympics gold medallist
  31. Muthina Haara
  32. Mysooru Mithra, a Kannada Mysore newspaper
  33. NGEF, a former Indian Public Sector Company
  34. N. Ponnappa, Indian cartoonist
  35. N S Narendra, Indian entrepreneur
  36. Nadikerianda Chinnappa, Indian writer
  37. P. K. Monnappa, Indian police officer
  38. P T Bopanna, Indian journalist and writer
  39. Panje Mangesh Rao, Indian writer
  40. Pattole Palome, book on folklore
  41. Ponjanda S. Appaiah, Indian writer and educationist
  42. Prasad Bidapa, Indian fashion designer
  43. Ram V Sutar, Indian sculptor
  44. Ramachandrapura Math, a Hindu monastery
  45. Somenath Maity, Indian artist
  46. Subbaiah Naidu (M. V. Subbaiah Naidu) Indian actor
  47. Urs, a Mysorean surname (need to clean up again)
  48. V G Siddartha, Indian entrepreneur (need to clean up again)
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Some Articles immensely improved[edit]

  1. History of Kodagu (need to clean up again)
  2. Kodagu (need to clean up again)
  3. Kodava Takk/ Kodava language (need to clean up again)
  4. M S Ananthapadmanabha Rao (need to clean up again)
  5. Prema Cariappa
  6. Ulikkal, a small town in Kerala (need to clean up again)
  7. Varun Agarwal, entrepreneur and writer (need to clean up again)

Some Articles edited (some very minor)[edit]

  1. Bhadrakali (need to clean up again)
  2. Baiyappanahalli metro station, a railway station in Bangalore
  3. C. B. Muthamma, first woman IFS officer
  4. Cukkemane
  5. Dal, a cooking ingredient
  6. Dharwad pedha, a sweetmeat
  7. Dravidian languages
  8. Geography of Karnataka
  9. Jahangir (credited in a research thesis)
  10. Karnataka, an Indian state
  11. Karnataka ethnic groups
  12. Kaveri, an Indian river
  13. List of people from Karnataka
  14. M. P. Ganesh, a former Indian hockey player
  15. Nagarbhavi, a locality in Bangalore
  16. Nemichandra, Jain Acharya
  17. Nooputt, a South Indian dish
  18. R. Gundu Rao, a former Chief Minister of Karnataka
  19. Sacred groves of India
  20. Sanjaynagar, a locality in Bangalore
  21. Satyaki, a mythological figure
  22. Symbols of Indian states
  23. Vada, a South Indian dish
  24. Western Ganga dynasty, ancient Indian dynasty
  25. 71st Coorg Rifles, formerly an Indian regiment

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