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Thomas Bernard Ross (1929-2002) was a journallist, best-selling author of books on military itelligence and a spokesman for President Carter and adviser to President Clinton.

Ross was a 1951 graduate of Yale University (where he was a member of the secret society Skull & Bones), and a 1964 Harvard University Nieman fellow. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War.

International News Service and the United Press International 1958 Washington Bureau of Chicago Sun-times 1960, Washington bureau chief for The Chicago Sun-Times62. In 1962, Ross co-authored with David Wise U-2 Affair a book describing the downing of a United States spy plane over Russian territory. See 1960 U-2 incident. - government officials claimed it was a weather plane but Russia later produced the pilot, Francis Gary Powers. 1964 co-authored The Invisible Government, explaining the role of intelligence agencies in diplomac 1967 co-authored Ross The Espionage Establishment

c 1958-1977 Mr. Ross worked for The Chicago Sun-Times 1977-1981 assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, a position he held until 1981 1981 communications director for the Celanese Corporation in New York City Later senior vice president of RCA, NBC and the Hill & Knowlton public relations firm In April 1994, President Clinton appointed Ross as Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for Public Affairs at the National Security Council and Deputy White House Press Secretary. x-2002 vice president for government relations of Loral Space and Communications

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Neiman Fellowship at Harvard University and a Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.