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User:Kyo cat/Tia mamodo

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Here there be Userboxes

HEY YOU![edit]

I've been trying to track you down. Sorry for spam but.

Can you stop by and restock your creations for everyone who wants them? thanks lunchbox


Userboxes: Asian History userboxes. Pages:

Currently bothering the people at[edit]


Concerning the Pokemon Test[edit]

Out of the third generation, Google says that nobody cares about these pokemon:

  1. Carvanha (74,700 hits)
  2. Shelgon (75,800 hits)
  3. Silcoon (82,900 hits)
  4. Cascoon and Swalot (both at 83,100 hits)

So now you know what best to refer to when applying the Pokemon Test! :)

On a side note, Carvanha is 43 times as famous as me. Kind of a self-esteem killer, eh? ;)

Also Found At[edit]

"tiakall" is apparently too close to "Taikali". So here we are. Can be found at:

and just about any place you see the name.