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My late father was a producer for Bill Burrud Productions. Our family traveled on location in a VW bus during the late sixties when the Happy Wanderers and Roving Kind series first aired before it went into national syndication. My sister and brother were tutored on location. I grew up with an appreciation for travel. I enjoy reading biographies and historical accounts of the Old West. My home is in southern California. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in California, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas, and Missouri. I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Journalism. As you can tell, I love to write.

I have a huge scrapbook project going on, working with professional B&W photographs, preserving them over the course of my parents' lifetimes, and digitizing them to share for future generations. I have also converted my father's home movies from 16 mm film to DVD. Before videocameras existed, my father was always on the go with a camera of some sort, whether it was creating his own darkroom or developing film on location in the desert. He was fascinated with photography and cinematography. This led to the start of his career in early television. Back then, everything was shot on film. My home project involves digitizing all of my files, most of them from my father. He has been called a real-life Indiana Jones, with his plane going down in the Andes and surviving treks through the wilderness. He was an adventurous type, so his memoirs involve what he called being an adventure-cameraman, as he called it. I have a snapshot of that on his home page. Also, thanks to all who have contributed to my late great-uncle's page, who was a Cherokee native American Indian artist.