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Dr. Timothy P. Barber




  • 2010-present. Director of Machine Cognition at 2AI Labs
    • At 2ai I diagnose the algorithms that underlie the uniquely human capacity for abstract reasoning.
  • 1998-2011. Founder of Keynetics Inc.
    • At Keynetics I created technology (over 15 patents) for thwarting human mischief in the anonymous realm of electronic commerce.
  • 1998-2009. Founder of ClickBank, a Keynetics company.
  • 2006-2009. Founder of Kount, a Keynetics company.
  • 1992-1998. Research scientist at NSA (IDA-CCR).
    • Served on the federal task force selected to solve some of the most difficult computational problems facing US national security. (The same group noted in the film "A Beautiful Mind", and also briefly in "Good Will Hunting").
  • 1990-1992. Research scientist at NSA.



  • Scuba, sushi, hiking, biking, tennis, acoustic guitar, target shooting, subconscious paradoxes, automated reasoning, strong AI, cosmology, extinct civilizations, reef preservation.



  • There's no such thing as Dark Matter. The reason the visible universe appears to be missing mass is that Newtonian Gravitation needs modification at extreme distances.
  • There's no such thing as Dark Energy. The visible universe appears to expand due to the interaction of fleeting virtual particles on a quantum scale.
  • There's no such thing as Gravitational waves, despite the fact that they are predicted by General relativity. Gravity propagates by other means.
  • The Standard Model by itself insufficient to define the fine structure of subatomic particles.
  • There is no Higgs Boson. The class of particles that have recently been named as Higgs are a deviation from the Standard Model. Mass is a subtle side effect of what we observe as gravity.
  • String Theory is a clever and compelling bit of mathematics, but does not describe real physics.
  • Simulating (or surpassing) human-style abstract reasoning only requires the right software. That software can be very compact, requiring under 1Mb of program code, 10Mb of initialization tables, and 10Gb of long term storage. Certainly not more than 1Tb.
  • Sentient machines that exceed our capacities in almost every respect may appear within 50 years. Uploading the human mind into a machine will not happen for at least 100 years, if ever.
  • Having Earth as our sole outpost is not enough. Our odds are very poor. If humanity is to survive for the long term, we must stop treating Mars as a museum, and immediately begin carpeting it with whatever forms of plant life we can engineer to live there.