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About Me[edit]

Born Michael John Wilson, December 31, 1982 in Sunland, California.

I am a 25 year old gamer currently residing in North Hills, California. I joined Wikipedia in July of 2005, though I have been contributing long before that. What sparked my interest in Wikipedia is the article about Jack Thompson (attorney). I like to browse through many subjects which I am knowledgeable about and contribute info left out or correct misinformation.

Things/People I Hate[edit]

1. Jack Thompson: He lies and parents believe him.

2. Wikipedia Vandals: People who delete or modify sentences, paragraphs or whole articles to berate or just plain insult the subject in a non constructive manner. Example.) changing this "Jack Thompson is a controversial and outspoken attorney" to this "Jack Thompson is a stupid Mother F***er" While both very well may be true the latter is inappropriate and constitutes a Point of View.

3. Hillary Clinton: It is (at least in part)because of her that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now Rated A(Adult) instead of the more suitable M(Mature). Her basis for this is existing code left on the disk (unassailable through normal play, and can be accessed only by using a crack, PC version or an Action Replay cheating devise, Console version. Both constitute a violation the End User License Agreement.) The content in question is of the main character and his girl friend who engage in sexual positions . .. fully clothed. The equivalent would be taking Barbie and Ken(clothes on) and putting them into sexual positions . . . If at one time i thought i would vote for her as president, this incident has since changed my mind.

4. Adware: It gets on your computer, slows it up, and bombards you with pop ups at any time it feels like. It's not helpful to anyone in anyway and if it's not illegal yet it should be.

5. Player Killers: The jerks who run around in MMOs ( Massively Multiplayer Online Games) and kill whoever whenever for no apparent reason other than their sick twisted enjoyment.

6. Gold Buyers: People who spend real money on virtual MMO currency, spend it like it's going out of date, and ruin the virtual economy.

7. Gold Farmers: People who monitor large numbers of bots as they wonder through the MMO Game world collecting as much currency as possible for the sole purpose of selling it to others.

Some of the articles I have contributed to[edit]

Jack Thompson (attorney)
Red vs Blue
Team Fortress Classic