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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

When I started Wikipedia I was a medical student but now have an ANP degree and I'm employed at the Presbyterian Hospital in NY. With my previous education in the automotive field I found myself wanting to get away from the grease and grime. My interests lie in science with a fondness for the mechanical things. My main focus is on articles dealing with mystery stories such as Bigfoot I also still enjoy things of a mechanical nature from my past experiance in that field. I enjoy reading the medical information because it has been very useful in my latest career.

Articles I have written on Wikipedia[edit]

  • Crankshaft Position Sensor: I wanted to contribute something to Wikipedia after it has helped me get by with medical questions I had trouble in class with, so I used my experiance and knowledge to add this article.

Articles I plan on improving[edit]

  • Medical articles that may be incorrect
  • Dr Greger
  • Veganism