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My name is Todd Jamison and my area of expertise is in image science (or imagery science, as some prefer). I hold a BS in Electrical Engineering (Virginia Tech) and an MS in Computer Engineering (Clemson University) and also attended the University of Leicester in the English Midlands for a time. I have been doing imagery science since about 1982. I have a strong background in photogrammetry, sensor modeling, image registration, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), multi- and hyper-spectral imagery, digital elevation models (DEM), pattern recognition, and image-based change detection. I also have some experience with automated feature extraction and automatic object detection and I have some background in Artificial and Natural Intelligence. I am also an amateur photographer. Someday, I'll put some of my pics up on this page.

I am not a major contributor right now, but I have the will and I "right real good"! :) Seriously, though, I think I have a good grasp of language, how to distill concepts down to their basics, and how to present them in a simple, straightforward manner.

I am interested in starting an Image Science WikiProject, and would like to get to know others that may be interested. If you are interested in this, please leave your name on my talk page. Thanks.