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I am currently a student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication, Management & Technology at Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI. As an assignment in an Advanced Media class, we were asked to choose a Wikipedia article that we believed that we would be able to contribute to, develop a video, and upload it to the Wikipedia article. Currently, I am trying to accomplish that process. I was able to successfully create the video. I created a storyboard for the video, one of my co-workers was the actor in the video, and I edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro software. The process seemed seamless, but I would assume that was the case because I was shooting for a class and not for a network.

Other Projects[edit]

  • Systems Analysis
  • Java Programming
  • C# Programming
  • Web Design
  • Application Development

Wikipedia Pages that I am Interested in[edit]

Computer hardware, Brazilian Portuguese, Cryptography, Computer Security Institute, Embedded system, Central processing unit