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Ok. My name is Tony and I'm a High School Senior from New Jersey. I'm interested in literature, politics, government, and history. In addition to these, I've recently taken an interest, a tiny one, in philosophy. I discovered Wikipedia sometime during the 2004 Presidential race when I was looking up potential candidates for 2008. I was of course really impressed with the list and eventually I started to notice that more and more Google searches had Wikipedia at the top of the returns. Eventually Wikipedia became the end-all-be-all of knowledge for me and now I pretty much always have my browser open to Wikipedia and automatically come here for answers, sometimes looking up things that would never have a wiki, like driving schools in central Jersey.... :p

As far as Wikipedia philosophy... don't really have any. I love Wikipedia's loose structure that's pretty egalitarian with only your own merit to distinguish you from others. I don't really have any positions on controversial Wikipedia issues and prefer to see whatever's most practical enacted.I really prefer contributing to actual articles than getting involved in those types of policy debates or votes for this or that

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