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Yo, what's up, Fellow Wikipedians! I am a simple person who likes TV, Movies, and video games, you may see me on my favored/unfavored articles. I Have a preference to Mortal Kombat over Street Fighter, I HATE THOSE PAJAMA WEARING BOYFRIENDS (Ken & Ryu)! And Hip Hop and Rap are good genres of music. So is techno and classic rock, but some of you people may disagree.

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No vandals allowed whatsoever.

space for being silly[edit]

Here is a space for silliness, childish things, etc. If it is serious, it does not not count as the above. Feel free to edit. Also see WP:BJAODN

I Hate Bungholio! And you are no man, you are chimpanzee! Chimp is linked so you know what it is.

Hear me bot, my main man, booyakasha!


It's so wrong to see Galactus in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer jacked up by those accursed directors!

Meep, it's Triple-Quadruplus maximus!--Triple-Quadruple 2.0 (talk) 02:58, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

people/things I take seriously[edit]

A work in progress.

Test area[edit]

This is an area where anyone can experiment. Feel free to edit.