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Hello, I am a researcher in human-computer interaction and social media.

My research study aims to evaluate the effects of software in user and group interactions in online social media. It is my life's dream to establish ground principles that will evolve the current understanding of the software enginnering field from an interdisciplinary perspective meant to cover all aspects of human-computer interaction. My background covers many years of active involvement in online communities and web development & design, as well as a lifelong commitment to scientific learning, research, and teaching.

In my spare time i read and write fiction, develop and participate in online communities from which i draw my inspiration for my scientific studies, and i am a fan of video gaming of all genres.

I believe that as more and more minds that think alike connect to the online world and extend their lives from the real to the virtual, software engineers will have the unique role that only ancient architects had when the great wonders of the world were being built. Creating today’s virtual wonder world built for collaboration, is not an easy task but nonetheless an efficient conflict-free environment should still be a goal that future generations to come, may one day enjoy.

If you have any questions or remarks don't hesitate to contact me or visit my personal website. ;-)

Current research project reviewed and approved from the Wikimedia Research Committee Meta:Research:Anonymity and conformity over the net

I also created the following pages on Wikiversity and looking for people that can improve and add more content: