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UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects to be more exact, just the sound of them makes some people (like our government) say “They don’t exist.” Others like you or me say “Well the UFOs might not be real, but Aliens are, cuz we can’t be alone in the Universe.” But it makes others like Ufologist (UFO experts) say “They are real.” Now the problem of UFOs is that we don’t know if they are from earth, or not, and the reason is we don’t have them. jk none of this is real I am editing this and I am 12 haha the government has them and keeps them from us. A good case of which is Roswell NM, I’m sure you all know the story; UFO crashes in dessert, the government find aliens, dissects them and keeps them in Area 51. But there are 3 forgotten UFO events that may prove UFOs are real or not and surprisingly, 2 of them are in western hemisphere, one in America, another in Nova Scotia, and the last in Rendlesham Forest England. In this article I will take you deep into these events, and explain what happened there then and now.

The date is December 9th 1965, the place is Pennsylvania, the city; Kecksburg. Around midnight in a cool crisp day, Bill Bulebush was fixing his dream car at his house when he hears a crackling sound. He looks up to see a meteor like object flying through the sky, then as he is watching the object it does something unexpected. He saw the object slow down and pull a hard nose down wards in the other direction and it falls into the forest. Bill isn’t the only one who sees the object, about half the people in Kecksburg report seeing this UFO. WHJB reporter Jon Murphy is the first reporter on the scene. He and 4 other people (including Bill Bulebush) get close enough to see the object. They describe it as a bell shaped object radiating a “Welders light” glow from it. Murphy takes a few pictures, before GI officers push him and others away. Bill how ever leaves before the military arrives; he soon comes back with his son to see the object. But he never sees the object again. American soldiers stop him and other people from going in. Another Kecksburg resident says that while standing on a truck, he hears a loud scream unlike anything ever heard on Earth. When he hears it again, he takes off running. Then many report a flat bead military truck entering the forest with nothing on, then about 3 hours later, it comes out with a bell shaped object on it with a tarp covering 95% of the object. For Jon Murphy, the event changes everything for him. About a week or two (or less) after this event, Murphy was going to make a radio report about the UFO crash called "Object in the Woods". However on the day it was to air, two CIA officers enter WHJB news room and talk to Murphy in private. When he come out, he is a different man, before he was all excited about the airing, now he is depressed and takes out several sections of the report. What ever the CIA agents said to Murphy we will never know, Murphy died in a hit and run accident (I'm unsure how much time passed) and what ever happened that day to Murphy, he took it to his grave.However on the bottom on the object, people report seeing strange writing. The Story of what happened on that day is over, but not the story itself dose not. Actuality it’s still going on today right now as you read this article. So there is no definitive answer to when this will end, or if the question of “what was in the sky” will ever be answered good enough for everyone to be happy.

But our next UFO story comes all the way from Canada, Nova Scotia Canada. The date is October 4th 1967, two years after Kecksburg, the place is Shag Harbor. At 11:20pm residents of Shag Harbor reported seeing four lights in the sky. All believe it’s either a plane or something else, then the object noses down words and speeds down to the ocean. People report hearing a whistle sound like a bomb heading toward the ocean, then they hear a loud bang as the object hits the water. Witness’s call 9-1-1 and report lights like an airliner hit the water, there main concern is survivors. Soon the Canadian cost guard (with the aid of the American diving team, possibility) and fishers arrive on the scene. The main report is a florescent glow covering the ocean. For about a week divers go down and find nothing. But then reports of the object leaving the harbor, it leaves the harbor and heads to the Mane shoreline. Outside of a military base, it rendezvoused with another object. They wait there for about a week or two, and then head back to Shag Harbor and leave the water with its object. Shag Harbor residents capture a photograph of the two leaving the water. To this day the event has also not been fully answered. What broadens this event is the fact that on the day no one the day of the UFO (the name of that day) reported a UFO until after the crash. Soon after the imfoumas night, a commission was published saying what ever chrashed there is "Unidentified." Later the event is dissmissed and begins to die. But then more new reoprts about the night begin to surface, such as divers reporting to have found the object, and this was never released to the press (at the time the reported "find" was made) as well as new sighting reports backing up the theroy that the object was indeed a UFO.

But another event, this time in the 80’s, would become the best events. The date was December 27-28 1980, the place; Rendlesham Forest, Bentwaters Air Base. On December 27, US military officers report seeing a triangular object land in the forest. As Officers head to the scene, they arrive to the landing site to see a smooth Pyramid on it site, with landing gear on the ground. the description following is by James Archer:

 triangular in shape, with three landing legs....... about 10 to 12 feet in diameter and eight feet high, with a blue light on top, red and white lights in the middle and a brighter white light emanating from the underside." Archer was certain he saw something inside of the ship " I dont know what, but the shapes did not look human. Maybe they were like robots,"  he said. Another witness, security police commander Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, said he was also ordered to check out the UFO in the woods. " 

When we got to Point A - the sighting of the object - we had trouble turning the light - alls on. Our truck wouldnt run either. It was as if the energy was being sucked out of everything," he told researchers in 1984. "We proceeded to look and in the process found kind of like triangular tripods..... burned into the ground at three different stand points......They were like it was a heavy object. They took radiation readings of the holes, and they got a radiation reading as I recall. Then I recall we were walking through the woods and we came upon the lights again. And thats when I frst saw the object...." The next day, another object lands in the forest, Colonel Halt and his team arrives, he records what he sees as the object wizzes through the trees and lands in a field:

" Straight ahead of my flashlight, there sir.....There it is!.....Yeah, I see it too.... What is it?..... What is that thing?....... We dont know, sir. Its a strange, small red light.....Everywhere else is just deathly calm.... Theres no doubt about it - there is some type of strange flashing red light ahead......It appears to be moving this way....Its brighter than its been. Its coming this way!! Its definitely coming this way!! Pieces of it are shooting off!! Theres no doubt about it! This is weird!!"

Then while it is in the field, they describe the thing melting, then it explodes with no sound. Then three little objects fly out of the destroyed object. then another arrives and shoots a strange beam right in front of the squad. it stays there for ten seconds and then it leaves as fast as it came. Soon after, the officers were put to something we today may call horrific: brain washing and memories ereased as well as threats, and to make this better, it was officers of America and England who reported to do this. However it is unclear if this is true, due to the fact that many of the officers at the scene of the landings deny any of the horrors I metioned.

Okay so you've heard all this before in other articles, yea i know we see it alot, but most of the edvance is incomplete for any of us to make our own. On the flip side to these believers, the critics say things that make these stories real and not "fantasy." For Kecksburg, many people in the military forces and polices officers there say they went in and saw nothing, or that they recovered a soviet rocket. Now I have not yet heard any critics reports on the Shag Harbor event, but when I do I will edit it in with sitation. For Rendlesham, people say the soilders were mistaken in what they saw. The thing is with all of these even't, stories differ depending on article and source, any UFO website or researcher will or may (sorry)tell you the same thing. With all these different stories, its hard to let the event die and/or make it factual. At kecksburg , it is unknown if the resident who heard the scream was the only one to hear it. At Shag harbor, some divers claim they found the UFO, but when others went to the site they found it in, it was not there. And at Bentwaters, one officer reports to seeing a squad of officers talking to these creatures comming from the craft, the thing is no one else reported the officer anywhere near the two UFO landing sites. So with its like I said, UFOs are still a mystery, although I didn’t mention it but the investigation of Bentwaters and Kecksburg never settled anything and deepened the idea of a government cover up. However the Shag Harbor event has ended some questions about the event. But like many UFO events, the true answer will never be known. If you wish to read more or visit an article similar to this, visit Unidentified flying object [1] Sources: The Bentwaters - Rendlesham Forest UFO [2]


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