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Hello, fellow Wikipedians! I'm a big Wikipedia fan (perhaps a bit of an addict) and, like many of my peers, use it as my first online resource for just about anything. I've been a registered user since early 2006.

Currently I am an undergraduate history student at a university in the Midwestern United States. I'm also studying English and Latin. My historical interests are primarily the British monarchy and American political institutions.

In terms of Wikipedia, I'm somewhere between a WikiGnome and a WikiFairy. My main contributions are standardizing articles about British peerages, peers, and their families (following the guidelines found on WP:PEER), as well as those on American elected officials, generally adding succession boxes and correcting bad formatting. I'm also interested in making sure that the ever-increasing number of templates on Wikipedia actually link to the ever-increasing number of articles the templates are supposed to link to.