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You have arrived at the USER PAGE for UGACODON which by the way means either STOP or the selenocysteine insertion sequence, in the RNA translation table. (see image). A User Page is not a Wiki information page, it is the discussion page for Wiki Editors. I do not use e-mail, so leave a message on my talk page, by clicking the the "Discussion" tab at the upper left. I am proud and honored be here, and to have the opportunity to work together with thousands of Wikipedia editors on this great and honorable project.

User Profile[edit]

Since I wish to remain anonymous, there is no actual bigraphical information. However, I can reveal that I have a graduate degree and conversant with the medical literature.


I have many broad interests ranging from linguistics, philosphy, religion, science, fine art, music, literature, ethics and morality, agriculture, farming, ecology, environmental protection, astronomy, science fiction, quantum mechanics and the big bang theory, in short I am interested in a lot of things.

Selenocysteine insertion sequence
Type: Cis-reg;
2° structure: Published; PMID 12458087
Seed alignment: Gautheret D, PMID 12458087
Avg length: 64.70 nucleotides
Avg identity: 44.00%