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Articles I Wrote[edit]

Magnificent Bastard - An article about the recently defined fictional character type. Gone due to lack of sources.

The Little Island - A 1958 animated film by Richard Williams. Again, I didn't create the article, but I added most of its content.

Snow - A quite awesome little manga written and illustrated by first-timer Morgan Luthi about a terrible superweapon that wants to hang up his world-destroying ways. Its call needed to be heard.

Legends of the Dark Crystal - A manga prequel of the Jim Henson fantasy classic The Dark Crystal.

The Big Empty - A bizarre and clever movie about alien abductions, Americana, and Pulp Fiction-esque suitcase deliveries. I didn't actually create the article, but I pretty much wrote it.

Zombies Calling - A terribly amusing comic book about a zombie invasion on a university campus, and the survivors that make it through since they know everything about zombie movies.

Frank and Ollie - A fascinating documentary about the most influential animating duo during Disney's early years and beyond.

The Hoober-Bloob Highway - An underrated Dr. Seuss animated special that I thought deserved its due.

Peter Is the Wolf - A werewolf webcomic by Kris Overstreet and BAR-1. The article was deleted for non-notability and not following the WP:WEB criteria.

Talismania - A really fun PopCap puzzle game, where King Midas uses his Golden Touch to help various people around the kingdom.

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