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Unfortunately I will spend a lot less time on Wikipedia due to being quite busy in life lately.

I will contribute from time to time. If you want to leave a message. Please do so.

The majority of my edits take place on various music pages. I support the spread of information by creating stubs in hopes that other users will add on to some of these articles. Other edits include art movements and other misc categories. I correct grammatical errors... and I also hope to help make Wikipedia a better place by fighting Vandalism.

Accurate knowledge is demanded. Knowledge denotes application and application means mental concentration. Concentration of thought, to the exclusion of alluring and extraneous digressions, alone assures success. Unless able and willing to sacrifice everything, however interesting, for the sake of piloting the helplessly absent subject before her/him to a place of absolute safety, never should she/he seriously contemplate an undertaking so fraught with peril and encompassed with uncertainty. The trust having been accepted should be kept inviolate to the end, otherwise she/he risks becoming accessory to a crime whose sequel may be a stricken and retributive conscience. UltraCaution digs no graves for indiscretion and improvidence to weep over. Vigilance plucks no thorns from remorseful folly, and the consolation of a duty well done finds no counterpart in regret.