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Not all of Unionville is in Ward 3. The Unionville High School is not in Ward 3 and is titled "Unionville H.S". Most Unionville realtors consider many neighbourhoods as part of Unionville including Olde Unionville Village (between Woodbine & McCowan, North of Hwy 7 & South of 16th), South Unionville, Cachet, Angus Glen, Berczy Village (named after the founder of Unionville) and is where the oldest house in Unionville is located in Circa 1794. And the Hamlets of Victoria Square, Almira, Cachel, and the nicknamed community Buttonville after John Button. Basically the area North of Hwy 407, West of McCowan, East of Hwy 404, and just above 19th Ave to the North are the boundaries of Unionville. Main Street Unionville is in the Heart of Unionville. However, Unionville is part of the City of Markham and has had no legal entity since January 1, 1971 so it is not neccessary for it to have boundaries. *****Look at Scarborough its part of the City of Toronto and has many neighbourhoods such as Milliken, L'Armoreau, Agincourt, Dorset Park, Scarborough Bluffs, Malvern, & the Original Scarborough Village. People who live in Scarborough don't care about the exact boundaries of Scarborough since its still Toronto. Why do people of Unionville care about the boundaries?... Unionville is still Markham just like Scarborough is still Toronto.

Unionville will never separate from the City of Markham. Its located in the Center of Markham. Some builders think that the Unionville name should dissapear and it should replaced with Downtown Markham or Markham Centre*****