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Game Theory
with examples
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Game Theory[edit]

with examples[edit]

Game theory
List of games in game theory
Battle of the sexes (game theory)
Blotto games
Cake cutting
Centipede game
Game of chicken
Coordination game
Cournot game
Deadlock (game)
Dictator game
Diner's dilemma
Dollar auction
El Farol bar problem
Example of a game without a value
Guess 2/3 of the average
Kuhn poker
Matching pennies
Minority Game
Nash bargaining game
Peace war game
Pirate game
Prisoner's dilemma
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Screening game
Signaling games
Stag hunt
Traveler's dilemma
Trust game
Volunteer's dilemma
War of attrition (game)
Ultimatum game
Princess and monster game