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alias Fabien Benetou (same user as Utopiah on the french version of wikipedia). See my contributions on en.wp.

My current Wikipedia:Books[edit]

Considerations on "arranged pages"[edit]

Study the usage of Wikipedia:Books through the perspective of PhylogeneticFlowProgramming and Cognition. In a way someone re-using concepts (written on Wikipedia or not) could be producing a new original content through solely a new assembly of concepts, very close to programming overall and functional programming in particular.

Technical improvements[edit]

Content improvements[edit]

  • Bibliography
  • PhylogeneticFlowProgramming
  • evolution of cognition
    • history of evolution
    • history of cognition
    • history of computational tools
  • vague terms should be avoided
    • intelligence (as a noun) computation/computational process/cognition/efficient decision making
    • intelligent (as an adjective) cognitive/computational/efficient
    • artificial engineered/generated/resulting of a process (risky because eventually fallacious dichotomy)
      • natural except in very well delimited situation (e.g. "natural selection")
    • filter (e.g. regarding the membrane)
    • self/non-self (e.g. regarding the membrane, umwelt, ...)
    • environment
  • terms used in a new context should be precisely and explicitly defined
    • phylogeny in computations
    • creativity in strategy
    • evolution in processes (software)