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I'm a 19 years old Dutch visual novel, anime, manga, video game and trading card game fan. I use Wikipedia as a very important source of information; if something catches my interest (such as an anime series or a game), I look it up on Wikipedia to quickly learn what it is about. As such, the (in my eyes) perfect Wikipedia would contain a good article for anything I would want to look up. Unfortunately, notability rules make that impossible, and many things that could catch my interest, your interest, or anyone else's interest, will simply never get an article on Wikipedia. I disagree with this, and as Inclusionist, I believe that a subject doesn't necessarily have to be 'notable', as long as you can write a decent article about it.

I am currently also learning Japanese (or at least trying to), and in 2008 I got into visual novels. Since visual novels aren't as popular as they should be, and Wikipedia doesn't have all that much information about visual novels, I decided to join the Visual Novel task force. We managed to get the True Remembrance kept in a notability AfD debate, which I'm very grateful for. It totally deserves an article and is the first article I started that didn't get deleted within a week :3

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