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Workshop VBKN 2011

The Dutch Society for Botanical Artists, Vereniging van Botanisch Kunstenaars Nederland further referred to as “VBKN”, is the Dutch society which brings together botanical artists and is dedicated to enhancing the quality of work and to promoting the public awareness of botanical illustration in the Netherlands. The society honors the tradition of botanical art and aims at furthering its development. It organizes many exhibitions, workshops, master classes, lectures, annual excursions, maintains contact with other international societies for botanical artists and brings the work of the members to the public attention.

The VBKN was established on the 12th of April 2006 by Anita Walsmit Sachs, Jacomien van Andel, Ria van Elk, Margriet Honingh, Hanneke Jelles, Sigrid Frensen and Jan van Os. Anita Walsmit Sachs, latest head of the art department and scientific illustrator of the Leiden University and the NCB Naturalis - Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, is the head founder of the society. After winning two gold medals at the Royal Horticultural Society of England she decided to lay the foundations for a new society and point out to the Dutch people their rich and famous history of plants and art with support of the Leiden University, the Hortus Botanicus Leiden and the NCB Naturalis - Nationaal Herbarium Nederland. With already a 140 members in 2011, the society celebrated its 5th anniversary. They had stamps printed especially made for the occasion.

thumb|250px|left|Stamps for the 5th aniversary

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