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Lloyd in Space: Dark mirrored[edit]

Lloyd in Space: Dark Mirrored is the 40th episode and first TV movie. (Though rumoured not to air as it is quite dark compared to the rest of the series but no official statement has gone through yet) Dark Mirrored follows 6 months after episode 39 'The Ride along' where Lloyd has turned 14 and is now in the 8th grade and must stand up as a hero against his long-time rival he hoped never to see again.

Episode recap[edit]

{{spoiler}} 6 months after the 39th episode Lloyd has turned 14 and entered the 8th grade. His life is going ok until he has new issues with his little sister Francine and his love interest Brittany Boviac, whos life seems to be going really well. The story begins with Lloyd, chatting with his friends at Zephtars, working up the courage to ask Brittany out on a date. However he is pushed aside by Luna vista ladies man Blik who asks Brittany out first and to which she agrees, noticing Lloyd on the floor but turns away without saying anything. Eddie, Kurt and Douglas comfort Lloyd, saying that he should try someone else.

Meanwhile in the docking bay a new kid arrives on Intrepidville station Scott McCloud He his around the same height as Lloyd but his age is uncertain. Scott has come to Intrepidville in search of money so he can help feed his poor family. Scott takes his family photo from his pocket, looks at it and swears for them that he will do whatever it takes to get the money. Back home Lloyd is still sulking in his room, wishing that he could just let go of his feelings, only to be interrupted by his telekenetic sister Francine who reads Lloyds mind and constantly bugs him about his prediciment. Having enough Lloyd becomes aggressive and starts to shout abuse at Francine. Francine then runs out of the room crying and Lloyd feels guilty for what hes done. That evening just when Zephtar closes his restaurant down he is knocked unconscious by an unknown figure (Its Scott) who sneaks in to Zephtars and robs the place.

The next day Lloyds friends decide to take him out for a big meal, their treat to cheer him up but its no use because Lloyd is still feeling down and that fact that Zephtars bar has been robbed...again. Zephtar is unsure about the criminals appearance. From a distance Scott is sitting on a pipe up on the ceiling of the food court and watches idilly the scene near Zephtars. Just before climbing down he spots Lloyd and then suddenly shakes his fist in anger and whispers "...Nebulon..." and then disappears.

Eddie is angry because Zephtars has been robbed again, Lloyd is still down about the whole Brittany thing and Douglas and Kurt are stuck in the middle, not having any problems of their own. The scene shifts to Luna Vista where Lloyd is taking books out of his locker and notices Brittany walking sown with her cheerleading friends. Lloyd looks away into his locker, pretending not to notice and walks away with his school books and into a classroom next to his locker. Brittany then looks behind her, possibly to look at Lloyd.

After School, walking down the food court Lloyd walks home with eddie still trying to comfort him. Lloyd then realises that he is trying to help him and begins to feel better. That is until Scott McCloud jumps in front of him, surprising Lloyd. Lloyd is shocked and then suddenly becomes angry. "Scott McCloud!" Scott then sneers at Lloyd and says long time no see rival and takes his leave. Eddie then becomes confused as to what that was all about? Lloyd explains to Eddie that he and Scott used to fight a lot when they were little and the very last fight they had Lloyd won, leaving Scott angered for 8 years plus coming from a poor family didn't help.

We see Scott running like a ninja down the corridors of Intrepidville, completely invisible to the eyes of all the citizens nearby. Scott then spots another shop and simply sneers,

"This is gonna be easier than giving candy to a baby"

The scene cuts to a news report that Nora Nebulon is watching, of another robbery. Lloyd and Francine walk into the living room from their own bedrooms wondering what their mom is watching. When Lloyd sees the news report he sees the silouette of the thief that security cameras couldn't get a clear image of. Lloyd recognises the silouette to be Scott McClouds and immediately runs out of the house for school.