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Crazy Penguin Link
This user feels wonderful! Crystal 128 penguin.png
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Penguin}}
Ninja Star Link)
Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif Ninja stars rock!!!
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Ninja Star}}
Blu Link
Nuvola apps important blue.svg This user is feeling Blu
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Blu}}
Ignificant Link
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Ignificant}}
Longest Word Shakespear Used Link
This user is in Honorificabilitudinitatibus Mozilla.svg
Penguin Attack Link
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox_Archive/Penguin Attack}}
Heat Link
Is it hot in here? Macro crayons melting (3488178420).jpg
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Penguin Attack 2}}
Monster Link
This holds back a monster Smiley green alien KO.svg
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Monster}}
Second Amendment Link
A-91.jpg This user stands by the Second Amendment
{{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Second Amendment}}
Days like This Link
Stick FIgure Massacre.gif {{User:Vervadr/Userbox Archive/Days Like This}}