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Hi people! I also operate under the name BassxForte.

My user name is a referance to a character in the Mega Man X series, he once had his own article but, sadly, it was deleted for whatever reason, hmph... it will be back someday, I promise you.

ANYWAY... a bit about me... I am particuarlly fond of video games... almost all the pages I edit on this site have something to do with a video game, although there are some exceptions.

My ten favorite fictional characters are... in order...

  • 5. Vile

Vile doesn't get a link to the article, because he doesn't HAVE his own article. As I said earler, someone deleated the article, blame someone or other for that.

This has always been halarious to me.

I particuarlly like the Mega Man series, to the point it borders on obsession.

Beware of the ones who I shall not name.

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User:Scepia/MMX maverick

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8-Bit "I like Swords!"
"Welcome to Corneria."
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