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I have been a user of Wikipedia for a long time, and appreciate that it provides many high quality articles.

Appalled at the very low quality of the article on Roy Masters, and the pointless flame war on the talk page about that article, I created an account to have an identity on Wikipedia associated with my major revision of the article. I believe my new article is fair and neutral, and does not indicate where I stand pro or con Mr. Masters and what he teaches.

I expect to make other contributions to Wikipedia.

Looking for something?[edit]

PrestonP, I moved your comments on your article to my Talk page.

Hall of Fame[edit]

I'm proud of:

  • "Thank you for your comments..." (Antelan re: Rtf)
  • "Thank you for your review.... I've made revisions based on your - very helpful- remarks." (Wassupwestcoast re: Harry and the Potters)
  • "Thank you for a much improved article. It reads smoothly..." (Larry R. Holmgren re: Roy Masters)
  • "That's an excellent summary of the reasons not to merge, and excellent references too.... Thanks for your contribution to this discussion." (Parisfal re: Electronica)
  • Peter Nordin article rewrite
  • Roy Masters article rewrite

Not bad for the first month, eh?

Still more work to do[edit]

If you have a comment, jump in here or move the discussion to my Talk page.

I haven't been recognized as right yet about:

Mourning sickness article should be deleted - no verifiable sources, only several essayists circling around one sociologist's opinion in an op-ed editorial, not a peer reviewed sociology or mental health publication.

James Dobson article needs to include biographical information and information about his main themes which is currently absent from the article.

Las Vegas, Nevada article needs updated inclusion of properly cited economic growth information; a photo caption indicating the Strip is outside the city limits; and reconsidering the Transportation section.

Waiting on the World to Change article needs some reorganization and editing.

Peaches Geldof article needs some cleanup, including the removal of the hoax version of her name.

Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham might need to be locked, as "advertisement" tag has been added and reverted twice.

Pro-feminist Men article should be deleted - another editor's merge suggestion should be followed.

Ray Manzarek's movie should be discussed in the article about him.

Iraq Resolution article includes multiple instances of combining several controversies into a single statement.

The Van Halen article, like the band, has some unfinished business to take care of.

The Digital Audio Broadcasting article's controversial lead shows that it actually is possible to do too much editing to a Wikipedia article.

Hi, would appreciate if you followed up on your fine suggestion for a new introduction for the Digital Audio Broadcast page. I have voiced my support for you version on
Best regards, Ga-david.b 11:54, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

Luxor Hotel article needs some more material added.

Maybe I should do more with this[edit]

Re: Electronic music as not synonymous with the term "Electronica"

"Electronic music" is simply the use of electronic equipment to make music. This covers an extremely broad range of equipment, technique, and musical genres spanning well over a century (refer to the Telharmonium of 1897). It includes abstract experiments in sound such as musique concrete, developed in the 1940's as an implementation of avant-garde philosophy. It also includes the use of nonrealtime as well as realtime analog and digital synthesis, including the works of Bell Labs researcher Max Matthews ( whose work was originally justified as potentially useful in optimizing coding of speech sounds to improve the telephone system. Electronic music includes W. Carlos's work such as "Switched-On Bach," which was a faithful rendition of centuries old scores written by Bach, using equipment clearly not available to the average person. Electronic music includes Leon Theramin's instrument, used in so many styles of music. All digital music synthesis is a subset of electronic music, including the modern classical, jazz, and rock & roll compositions realized using the Synclavier by artists including Frank Zappa. Electronic music includes Ray Kurzweil's response to Stevie Wonder's challenge to provide a better sounding and more versatile type of synthesizer than was currently available, which Stevie then used in his soul music. Electronic music includes ongoing research published in the MIT Computer Music Journal, whose latest issue (Summer 2007) includes an original paper on "A Camera-Based Music-Making Tool for Physical Rehabilitation." ( Electronic music includes John Chowning's frequency modulation algorithms which Stanford University licensed to Yamaha, and the use of Yamaha's instruments in the film scores of Vangelis, numerous pop ballads of the 1980's, and the rock songs of Mr. Mister. Depending on the interpretation of the term, electronic music might include Robert Fripp's use of delays to create "soundscapes" of abstract tonality, which critics called "modern classical music." (

Now, can you tell the difference between this century old, extremely versatile range of research, instrument design, composition, recording technique, and performance history, on the one hand ("electronic music"), and a particular subgenre of popular dance music production - with a limited repertoire of instrumentation, philosophies, musical structure, and sociological relevance - on the other hand ("electronica")?

A merger of these topics would be absolutely inappropriate.