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Well, after 5666 edit it was a 4th time that i was called a Vandal on the Wikipedia, and i think it's enough. It's also a 2nd time that POV disputes lead to accusations in VANDALISM accompanying with lies in order to "prove" this and threats to BAN me from editing Wikipedia. Nobody seems to care about this behavour and i don't understand why. How could it be, that people that are actually coming here to contribute and actually contribute to Wikipedia day by day are acused in such a terrible thing as VANDALISM without any reason ?? According to the VANDALISM article "Vandalism - it's when somebody willfully destroys or defaces something". How could it be that people that are coming here to contribute these same people also want to destroy or deface Wikipedia ??? I was cursed by many people 1000s of times in my life, but nobody in my entire life ever called me a Vandal !! It was on a Wikipedia where i for the first time discovered that i have a some kind of relationship to those bad guys called Vandals and it's very disturbing for me and i don't know how exeactly i can continue to contribute my time and energy to the Organisation that allows for its members to deface and destroy other people's image.

Now i understand that i was 100% right when i decided not to contibute to Wikipedia any more. My biggest contibution List of best-selling music artists now will be destroyed. I spend many days and even weeks compiling it, but now it will deleted in the second. Vorash 15:26, 19 August 2005 (UTC)