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I have been reading wikipedia since 2003, editing it on rare occasions since 2004, and have finally decided to open an account. I believe strongly in the importance of the project, and have long been impressed with wikipedia's quality and rate of growth.

Most of my interests (such as astronomy, physics, space exploration, computers, the internet, and science fiction) have all been written about well and thoroughly within wikipedia. In those areas there is little need for me to contribute or edit, so I intend to create and fleshout articles about a few of my more cultural and literary interests. Examples include science fiction conventions I have enjoyed over the years, and some of the science fiction and fantasy authors I have met (especially those who are rising in their careers and have only a handful of published works). The horror writer, Scott Nickolson, is a good example; as is the former Augusta Ga TV news anchorman, Rich Everitt.