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Welcome to my userpage. I created this as a sort of "electronic CV" for pertinent info as it may relate to Wikipedia. I have experience in medicine, digital & film photography, aviation, firearms, PC construction/tweaking, radio and network communications, and Android development, to name a few. Let's explore, shall we?



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I first began working with computers in the dial-up era, before commercial access to the Internet began. Early accomplishments include the design of three multi-line BBSes (and being a regional coordinator for echomail); linking my cranky IRC bots with other like-minded owners on EFnet & Undernet; and coding a GPL-licensed Linux firewall to act as a router and NAT/masquerade device.[1] Later, I was lead IT support for the executive side of a major (/8) organization,[2] and the administrator for a technology company's ISO 9000 system.

I've also been involved with Android since the first device[3] ― the T-Mobile G1 (aka "HTC Dream 100") ― was introduced in 2008. My focus is on hybrid and AOSP-derived ROMs, custom kernels, and other firmware.


I attended broadcast trade school while living in North Carolina and was an on-air DJ. I was also a firefighter, took engineering classes at Duke University, and began flight instruction to become a private pilot. More recently in Michigan, I studied to become an Emergency Medical Technician, graduating first in my class. I continued with the paramedic course, but postponed plans to practice medicine due to an injury. I am currently an IT business owner and independent consultant.

Amateur Radio[edit]

I hold a lifetime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Permit[4] from the FCC. I am working towards a Technical Class license in amateur radio, and plan to volunteer for ARES and RACES, leveraging my emergency services experience to support disaster communications.


RC Patroller

I manually clean, rewrite and otherwise improve articles here while actively using the site. There are also automated tools, such as huggle, to identify and revert vandalism and nonsense edits as they occur.

I recently passed the 12th anniversary of my joining Wikipedia. All this work is GFDL-licensed for free, unencumbered use by others (as detailed below). You can see my latest edits and get comprehensive stats for all these contributions.

Questions, comments? Post them to my Talk Page. If needed, you can use email (expand the box below for encryption), or locate me on Keybase.

Remember: be bold and AGF!


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