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Developer(s) Cinetis
Stable release
1.0 / March 12, 2009
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Video editing software
License Demoware
Website Smoovee

Smoovee is a video stabilization software for Mac OS X made by Cinetis, a swiss start-up, whose first version has been released in 2009.

The stabilization algorithm is the result of more than two years of collaboration with the IDIAP Research Institute and IdeArk, its antenna for developing new technologies in multimodal interactions and management of multimedia information.[1] Before being commercialized, it has been used by Cinetis as a post-processing step for the Super8 and 16 mm films they digitize under the name Bolex Digital.


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External links[edit]

  • Nouvo, video about Smoovee on a swiss TV show (in French)
  • TSR, presentation of Cinetis and Smoovee in the swiss TV news (in French)

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