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'lo all, I've Joined Wikipedia after using it for 3 Months hoping to help make wikipedia one of the greatest online wiki'd Encyclopedias. Hopefully i'll be of some use.

About Me[edit]

I'm 19 and from Brisbane,QLD (Currently residing in the states at the beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) I like to program games and someday hope to get a job within the field, or maybe one within music... Either is good! :)

What's with the name?[edit]

Why did i choose the alias 'Wallaby'? I'm a bit small for my age (but i'm not a dwarf, in case you're wondering...), therefor i'm comparable to the cute little relative of the kangaroo, the Wallaby. Plus i think they are cool.

My List of Respectable Wikipedians and Why They should be.[edit]

Mushroom (Nicest Wikipedian i know! and uhh.. POSSUMS!!!)

Alphax (Very helpful)