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Yes, I am the inventor of wiki. Find the encyclopedia article about me here.

Unlike most wikipedians I did not grow up reading the encyclopedia. I read slowly. Electrical Engineering attracted me as a student because even the fast readers had to read every paragraph two or three times to understand the subject. This concealed my disadvantage.

Now I read this encyclopedia every day. A Wikipedia link in my search results always draws my first click. I also browse Wikipedia for relaxation at the end of the day starting with the featured article. I find Wikipedia's careful choice of words and copious hyperlinks works past what ever disability slowed my early uptake of ideas from written words. I thank you all for that.

I have always been pleased that this site allowed my anonymous edits. I resisted creating a login here until now (July 2007) as some sort of political statement, a thank you of sorts for the opportunity. But times change. I recently created logins at a half dozen lesser sites so as to observe their mechanisms and culture as a casual contributor. To forgo an account here now would be a slight, not a compliment, so here I am.

I have many other affiliations with this and other wiki communities. These have their own communication channels. Here, as User:WardCunningham, I'm happy to confine my correspondence to my modest content contributions. I hope that there will be some under this name soon. Best regards. -- Ward