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Hi! I'm Warriorscourge. My favorite pages are Warriors (novel series), and dinosaur. Hey, If you want tips, alert me on my talk page. I'm an EXPERT!


  • My favorite books are Warriors
  • I have two cats, Gata and Sausage
  • I have a ferret, Sugar
  • I love to do crafts and projects
  • I am a bit talkative...:)
  • I think the Dark Knight movie is awesome (my favorite character was the Joker)

Dinos are awesome! Proof: Allosaurus skeleton.jpg

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Books I've read[edit]

Warriors:Firestar's Quest and the rest including Field Guides until Dawn.

The Jungle Books, Hucklberry Finn, Inkheart trilogy, and finally, Eragon.

Other stuff[edit]

I signed up for wikiproject warriors. I was going to create it, but then I found out it was already made.

My real name is Noelle, and I'm half Italian.
I like Uglydolls (if you've ever heard of them, you'd know).
Neopets is the best thing in the world

My favorite pic: Listen, do you want to know a secret.jpg

Life is great, and I love Black Crowned Cranes. Thanks for listening,