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To do:

  • Signs and symptoms
    • Explain physical signs may be subtle or not present, or not present until after puberty
    • ID
    • Social
    • Last paragraph of psych
    • Hyper and repetitive
    • hypotonia and encopresis/enuresis for neuro; also add more info on FXTAS
  • autism section
  • explanation for variability of phenotype
  • add in updated sections of treatment and pathophysiology
  • related articles

Articles to look at incorporating[edit]

Behavioural phenotype: Boyle and Kaufmann:

Advances in the tx of fxs: Hagerman et al:

Problem behaviour in boys with fxs from 2002:

Cochrane review on amphetamine in FXS:

Diff between boys and girls with autism and fxs:

Development in males:

Development in females:


Tension pneumothorax: ?add mech re: cardiac effects

Postpartum PTSD

ECT - norwich news, degree of effectiveness and risk section