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The items listed on this page form part of the multi-page list of environment topics.

This is a list of topics related (in whole or in part) to (a) phenomena in the natural environment which have a definite or significantly possible connection with human activity or (b) features of human activity which have a definite or significantly possible connection with the natural environment, even if the connection is made indirectly through the built environment. For example, hamster has been included because the effect on the built environment can affect the natural environment. Also, factory farming (often practiced indoors) has been associated with epidemics, which do not stay indoors.

The connections can be positive (even remedial) or negative or both. Some introduced species intended to benefit the ecosystem have acted as invasive species, damaging the ecosystem. Also, different sources of energy development have both pros and cons. Furthermore, an environmental topic can be such for multiple reasons at one time, as in the case of resource extraction and processing; commodity distribution, use, and misuse; and waste management.