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William Frank Beadle Jr. born October 9th, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Education Background[edit]

Received undergraduate degrees in 2010 from the [Georgia Institute of Technology] in:

Research during College[edit]

  • Studied the Nitrogen cycle in Eddies off Western Australia.
  • Studied the effects that pyocyanin has on RAW-1 macrophage cells BAI-1 binding and uptake of apoptotic Jurkat Cells

Employment History[edit]

August 2011 to Present
KH International
Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

August 2010 to March 2011
Maple Grove Products, Whipped Lightning
Quality Control Designer and Analyst

January 2011 to July 2011
nGimat Co
Process Chemist

January 2000 to October 2010
Beetles BBQ


Coming Soon!


All fields of science. Always have side projects that I love working on from programming code converting a household appliance into a useful instrument.


To study international trends in food quality assurance and to become a leader in this field.