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Evangelista Torricelli

Any of these would be interesting. the Needham and Leblanc articles are both a little late for the scope of our class, but if you did a really good job, I could allow it since they are within a century. You should be able to find sources on all of these with the possible exception of Christoph Arnold. Good luck.


Firstly, congratulations on exceeding your 5000 byte quota! Haha. I estimated around 5300 bytes worth of upgrades.

Secondly, the Torricelli wikipage looks really good! Well done. I think it was a great idea to include more pictures, especially the one of the famous Torricelli experiment as it helps the reader visualize what took place. I also like the organization of the page and how his contributions to physics are subcategorized appropriately. You might consider expanding Torricelli's law and its impact on science. I don't have any critiques other than cleaning up the overall writing. Continue your editing and add as much detail as you can!