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Welcome to the simple mathematics task force, a divison of WikiProject Mathematics. The goal of this project is to bring the simple mathematics articles to featured article status, and to improve their accessibility to the general population. As a result, we invite all editors, regardless of mathematical ability, to help out.


This task force focuses on article improvement and assessment as opposed to article creation. The current scope of this project is the ## projects listed in Simple math articles. This task force aims to keep it's scope small to focus on keeping it's articles at the highest quality possible. The articles come from a variety of sources, and many of the articles are considered vital articles.


  • This task force plans to bring all ## simple math articles to good article status. To do that it plans to promote at least 1 article to good article status each week.
  • This task force plans to simultaneously bring the most important articles to A-class quality. This task force plans to promote at least 1 article to A-class status every 3 weeks.

Featured Collaborations[edit]

To accomplish it's goal, this task force identifies one article each week to be the good article featured collaboration and one article every two weeks to be the A-class featured collaboration. Every Sunday morning (or every third Sunday for A-class) the featured collaborations go up for review, and new articles are chosen to take their place. If the article passes review then key contributors are selected for /awards.