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I am a former Strelok Officer Candidate. Our patch was similar to Brigade 34-Я MВД, but w/ Big Dipper over left shoulder pointing to Polaris over beret. (similar to Alaska State Flag.) I was assaigned to District One. (Canada/United States)

  • Our Motto : Бросить Не Тень (Cast no Shadow)
  • Response : Прятаться Ha Открытом Boздухoм. (Hide in plain sight/open air.)

Below are links to patches similar to ours :

And our training :

I am Captain in Active Reserve Force. I attended University in America and returned to Russia for Graduate Training. I graduated with Honors from Andropov Red Banner Intelligence Academy and currently serve as Instructor of Foreign Languages at the Rostov-na-Donu Institute of Foreign Language (Ростовский институт иностранных языков) directed by Gregori Gregorovich. I am on loan from AVN (Academy of Military Sciences) where I report to President --- GAREYEV, Makhmut, General of the Army (ret) and POPOV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen. Please link sites of reference to this article and cross connect to other KGB/SVR strings if you are better at editting this Site than I. Whiterussian1974 (talk) 02:13, 11 February 2008 (UTC)