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Whyaduck is a Wikipedia user who has no idea what he's doing. If he gets lost, please give him a cookie and direct him to the proper page. Thank you. Whyaduck 23:42, 17 October 2006 (UTC)


(Note: I've reprinted this on my user-talk page, so feel free to delete once you've read . . .)

Hi Whyaduck.

Thanks for letting me know about the Filmbug discussion. Yes, Joan Radabaugh is in fact whom she claims to be, though I have never met her within the family: my 2nd cousin Dan Putnam (Cromwell's nephew) has mentioned her over the years. I will attempt to get in touch with her. In fact, I just posted this blurb on Filmbug, so stay tuned . . .

Thanks again, Bill Keane.

<<<On January 10th, 2007 Bill Keane wrote on the Filmbug forum regarding Richard Cromwell >>>

Hi Joan Radabaugh--My name is Bill Keane and I hope this message reaches you as we are 2nd or 3rd cousins, once or twice removed. I'm the guy that wrote most of that Wikipedia article which appears reprinted in Filmbug. I know our mutual cousin Dan Putnam, and met Opal Radabaugh Putnam (your aunt?) many times over the years. I will reference the changes you mentioned, though Dan never said anything and I've sent him copies of the article many times. I, like Dan, and probably like you, have a treasure trove of "Cousin Roy"/Richard Cromwell memorabilia gathered from my Stocking relatives on my mom, Sally's side. (Sally met Roy on several occasions when she was growing up and my late, great-aunt Marguerite Stocking Buttrey was a very close friend of his). In fact, I've even corresponded with Angela Lansbury over the years about Cromwell. Please e-mail me at: Thanks regards, Bill K. Keane4 10:28 a.m (P.S.T), 10 January 2007