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Hi, this is Johnathon Weare. I have a degree in physics from Bristol University, stayed on to research in (bio)physics, then worked postdoc level in biocomputing at EMBL. My first programming was ZX80 Basic, and my first email sent in 1988 (Unix), worked on supercomputers and on putting the human genome on the web. I've worked in IT in and out of academia, across startups and multinationals internationally. I currently run an IT company in the UK. I edit as Widefox, about me, and edits on the English Wikipedia. Talk to me...

BLP: "Seriously, anyone who puts protecting new editors and retaining terrible content above upholding ethical and legal commitments to integrity, accuracy, and protection of a person's reputation is quite simply a massive idiot."Jimbo Wales (Copied from Jimbo's talk page).
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