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    WikiFeed Overview[edit]

    Wiki Feed is a project that allows the creation of algorithmic (news)feeds of wiki pages generated by an open, collaborative and forkable feed algorithm.

    These algorithms are composed of open "modules", which the community can contribute to and edit. Here is a simple example using just two modules: Recently Edited Women WikiFeed is articles about women, ranked by which have had the most recent edits.

    We envision a mature feed combining hundreds of modules in a complex way, producing a sophisticated output. The most obvious use case is for creating a newsfeed about current events, but this framework could be put to many possible applications; we're excited to discover what people do with it.

    This project is currently a prototype; it's being actively developed, and many key stability and usability features are still unfinished. However, it's now possible to create working WikiFeed modules, and combine them to produce custom WikiFeeds.


    For the current prototype, modules are stored in a single file in git, but we envision them living on dedicated wiki pages like templates or lua modules.

    These modules draw data from two main sources:

    • edit & article metadata in Wikipedia, e.g.
      • was this edit reverted?
      • how long ago was this edit made?
      • how many people recently edited this article?
      • how many people recently viewed this article?
    • edit & article semantic data in Wikidata e.g.
      • how many people died in this event (if any)?
      • if this is about an event, when did it happen?
      • is this about an election?
      • is this an event that happened near [location]?


    Once created, the output of an algorithm can be syndicated anywhere - we've produced standalone websites, and also wiki pages (regularly refreshed by WikiFeedBot).