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A message to the intelligent life-forms that can understand my message[edit]

Hello humans consisting of people and lonely computer nerds/geeks that are considered hermits to the outside world and still live in their parents' basements (Who technically are still considered humans, even if they don't look or seem to be one)! If you have, by all odds managed to find me, then congratulations! Your reward is . . . . . let me think about it . . . . . nothing! But still, thanks for visiting (Or at least selecting a blue, underlined set of words called a 'link' that brings you to this page that can be found on the popular online encyclopedia of Wikipedia)! I strive to make Wikipedia a better place by, . . . . . Well, editing it, of course (Didn't see that one coming, did you?)! (I might very well be motivated by a case of potential, mild OCD!) (P.S. Did anyone notice that all my previous sentences ended with an exclamation mark?) Well, see you in the near future! (Although I can't actually see you in a literal sense because I'm most likely not near where you are: where particular sub-atomic particles called photons reflect off the mass of mostly organic carbon compounds and water known as your body, to be absorbed by the retinas found in my eyes, and receipted into my brain and processed as information created by billions of neurons simultaneously reacting that gives my consciousness an image known as 'you.' And is Wikipedia interactive in the sense that you may directly see a representation of me or summon one at will? No, I don't think so. Can you just turn on your webcam — if you have one (not everyone has one, for your information) and just see me? No! And how am I supposed to be able to see every single, individual person that views this article? Not to mention that there's no teleportation machine that allows me to actually transport the collection of molecules collectively known as 'my body' to your current relative location within the known universe, so yeah.)

— Me (or I), the writer of this message and the nonsensical text found elsewhere on this page

(Now check out the rest of my page. I've spent a lot of time editing it . . . . . . . I have no life [Not in the literal sense, of course.])