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I am interested in the mobile net and the associated privacy issues.


We use promotion to refer to not just promotion or advertising of a commercial product, but to any article that is apparently designed to promote or advertise the importance of any organization.

A Wikipedia article needs to be written like an encyclopedia article, not a press release: talk about what they have accomplished. Remember not to copy from a web site, even your own -- first it's a copyright violation, but, even if you own the copyright and are willing to give us permission according to WP:DCM, the tone will not be encyclopedic and the material will not be suitable.

Include only material that would be of interest to a general reader coming across the mention of the subject and wanting the sort of information that would be found in an encyclopedia. Do not include material that would be of interest only to those associated with the subject, or to prospective members--that sort of content is considered promotional. for example, a list of all the board of directors or the officers of an association is promotional content: we usually include the head of the organization only, unless the group is very famous.

As a general rule, a suitable page will be best written by someone without Conflict of Interest; it's not impossible to do it properly with a conflict of interest or as a paid press agent, but it's relatively more difficult: you are automatically thinking in terms of what the subject wishes to communicate to the public, but an uninvolved person will think in terms of what the public might wish to know. And keep in mind that the goal of an encyclopedia is to say things in a concise manner, which is not the style of press releases or web sites, which are usually more expansive.

If you think you can do it right according to our guidelines, do so, but expect the article to be carefully checked for objectivity.

For further information see our FAQ about business, organizations, and articles like this and also WP:FIRST. DGG ( talk ) 18:30, 5 June 2012 (UTC)