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Hi - My name is Wilf. I am new to editing Wikipedia, so I´m just trying a few things out right now. I´m English. I was born in London, on the 17th of May, 1975. I grew up in Suffolk, near a village called Badwell Ash, and then in Cambridge. I then moved to Glasgow to study electronic engineering with music. After eventually abandoning my studies, I stayed a number of years more in Glasgow. I left Scotland to travel and settle in Spain in the summer of 2006, and I have now been living in Granada for a year, where I work in a tourist information office in the bus station, and continue to pursue my interest in music. I have been playing the accordion for around 3 years, and I now regularly supplement my income by busking on the streets of Granada. I also play percussion in samba and maracatu drumming groups. I first took up samba drumming in Dublin in the year 2000, after attending a workshop with Simeon Smith. I went on to play in dublin based samba band, MaSamba for a year, and on my return to Glasgow joined Samba Ya Bamba, which has been my main band for around 5 years. I have also performed with Bloco X, the London School of Samba, Maracatu Naçao Estrela do Norte, Maracatu Escocia, The Edinburgh School of Samba and others. I am not currently involved in any samba band here in Spain, so my samba playing is now on a lull while I concentrate on developing my skills with the accordion, although I still relish any opportunity I have to play when I visit Scotland, or at samba festivals, and am looking forward to a some big samba events this summer.