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William The Wonder Boy III is his real name, but prefers the name "Will" and hates the number three. A master of the dark arts he successfully graduated from the U of U with a masters degree in fire magic. Unfortunately after he received his diploma, in a moment of excitement he accidentally incinerated the colleges wizardry department along with everyone inside. After that brief incident it was decided he should be the first man to walk on the sun. After years of brutal training they sent him up there in 1969. Unfortunately Apollo 11 made it to the moon faster in the same year and people thought that was cooler. NASA assumed Murdoch was dead until they got a transmission in 1971, a cry for help!

"Um, I'm getting really tan up here guys… could you send a rescue ship?"

NASA however thought the transmission was bogus so they didn't respond. Most assumed him to be dead however in 1983 a gorgeously tan man came falling from the sky and smashed into the desert of New Mexico. A pedestrian nearby shocked asked him how he did it, "I went to the place where space whales did their annual migration and waited." Responded Murdoch. Unfortunately space travel did have its side effects as he now appeared to be 9 years old. The Government wanting to silence the commotion kidnapped Murdoch and froze him. However Murdoch's fire magic helped him out and in 2010 he melted his icy prison and incinerated the complex where he was being held. When he broke free the CIA sent out an assassin to kill him. The assassin however in the past four years has not even come close to taking out Murdoch. However there was an stirring of his activity in the 2012 Olympics. The torch carrier was assaulted by a group of undead gypsies. Will sprung into action and burned the corpses harnessing the power of the sun to relight that Olympic fire that we all know so well. By the time US officials arrived to London to arrest Murdoch, Britain had granted him temporary asylum. Some reports have laid claim that Murdoch is hiding out in the deserts of the south western US, and is training others with potential to harness fire. If anyone has information on his location they should report him right away, he is recognized as a threat and must be "convinced" not to fight the US. There is a $4.6 million bounty on his head. [1]


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