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The {{User:Willscrlt/UBX/UbxWikicommonsUser}} template shows that the user is also a user of Wikimedia Commons. It should not be substed. It takes two optional parameters, the name of the user on Commons and the type of information the user shares on Commons. The first link will never be a redlink due to the nature of cross-project linking, so please check your work by previewing and following the link.


Add the following text to your user page. If you use another page to display Userboxes, you MUST use the first parameter.



  1. Optional: Replace the word Example where it appears in the usage above and example with your actual user name at Wikimedia Commons. For most people with accounts at both sites, your user name is the same as here. Sometimes the names are different, so be sure to enter the correct name.
  2. Optional: The second attribute (media in the example above) defaults to media if not provided. If you contribute only one type of media, then you might want to be specific by replacing media with either images, sounds, or videos.


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