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I was born and raised in Alaska. I grew up in the village of Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula. My ancestry is from the first family (Kvasnikov/Kvasnikoff)that permanently lived in the village (starting in 1847). The Kvasnikoff family was of Russian and Alutiiq Alaskan Native blood. I have compiled a book about the families which have descended from this first Kvasnikoff family, called Agrafena's Children[1] [2].

In 1975 my wife and I were invited by Cheyenne elders to help them develop materials in the Cheyenne_language, including translation[3] of the Bible[4].

Lexicography[5] is my favorite area of linguistic research. Currently we are helping produce a new dictionary[6] of Cheyenne.

I have worked as an editor, so I enjoy finding and correcting typos, including in Wikipedia.

I write some poetry [7][8].

Ham radio is my hobby [9].

My wife and I have four children and ten grandchildren (as of September 10, 2008).