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Hi! My name is Wesley and I mostly contribute to wikipedia by reverting vandalism and eliminating non-notable articles through the Wikipedia articles for deletion process. If you have a question about a page I have nominated for deletion or an edit of yours that I may have reverted, please leave it on my talk page. I am a psychology and math student at Binghamton University and I plan to enter the ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church.

My contributions

Pages I Am Currently Working On[edit]

  • Binghamton University This page needs be compliant with the Wikipedia style guide for educational institutions. Right now, it's a mess of lists and POV statements that sound like university press releases. It's coming along, though!
  • United Methodist Church I'm trying to create and expand the section on the Judicial Council, the highest church court in the UMC.
  • Dryden High School Add references and expand

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