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Xatsmann's Info Page[edit]

Personal information[edit]

I am a married 40 something computer support person living in South Jersey with a 20 something daughter and a soon to be 20 something stepson and a 4 something beagle. I enjoy most sports like baseball, (American) football, hockey and college basketball.

Personal interests[edit]

My reading tastes run to history, biography, science fiction, mainstream ficition, adventure and many different perodicals and magazines. I am also active in the Diplomacy hobby.

Wiki Interests[edit]

My wiki interests are history, law, computes social science, literature and international relations. All of which I have some training in but none of which I am an unqualified expert. Mostly I'm just an autodidact on most subjects, e.g. I read a lot about them which is what you do in graduate school anyway.

Academic Background[edit]

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages
I have a Master of Arts in Intentional Relations
I have a Master of Science in Management Information System


I also have A+ Certification & Windows XP certification.

Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Writing a Wikipedia article for Diplomacy World---page is up and still under development 4/14/09

Starting new page in my sandbox 1941 War Powers Act 4/14/09